Why A Good Website Is Important In Today's World

Why a good website is important in today’s world

Importance of a website is unparalleled. But having a good website is important and paramount for business in today’s world.

Why website is important and why you need it

What is the one thing that you need to make the following happen?

  • Reach people all over the world
  • Make anyone from anywhere know about you
  • Let all those who do not know you, actually know you
  • Have presence on the web or Internet
  • Make use of digital marketing

Why website is important for business

World is (going) digital now

Digital platforms and channels are best ways to communicate and market

We now rely more on the Internet and digital information

In many cases upto 90% of buying decisions are based on search and website

More and more Mobile users and local customers make buying decisions on the basis of websites each day

Why having a good website is important

Why having a good website is important for your business? Your website is reaching out to your audience for you and for your business. If it does not look good enough and says the right things in an impressive way, how can it attract and convince those audience that your business, products & services are good and that they should trust these?

Why having a good first impression is important. When you are good why it is also important that present it well in front of people who do not know you and those who do?

You cannot tell or show everyone all your qualities & abilities at once. You need people to take a step forward so that you can show it to them.

The same goes for websites. If your audience does not like your website as they land on it how can you expect them to stay and read more so that you can sell or offer them what you have for them?

Your website is your first impression

Your website is your first impression in front of people who do not know you. It is your face for thousands of first time visitors who bring the potential to be your clients or can have an association with you.

You always need a good website

So, you need a good website. Your website needs to look decent enough to make audience stay on it for some time. And then you need your website to be clean, helpful & with right & good content & correct presentation to help your users know what you have for them.

Having a good website is a must for every business

Let us now look at what makes a website good for your audience & therefore for your business. Here is what a good website should have & look like.

What a good website should have

What should a good website have? What do we actually mean by having a good website?

A website is created for one purpose and one purpose only. That is to connect a business with its audience. But there is another objective behind this purpose. And this objective is more important than the purpose itself.

That objective is to help your audience know or read what they are looking for, with regard to your business.

If you just connect with your viewers but do not give them what they want from your website then there is nothing you are gaining from all this.

This is what a good website should primarily have.

A good website should have all the information that the business wants to show.

The information should then be presented in a clean, clear, organized way so that the viewers find it easily and read it.

Third, the website content should be written purposefully and specifically for its audience.

To know more about what a good website should have you can read what should a website consist of and what are the essential parts & elements of a website.

Let us begin to understand why websites are so important

Let us first understand few things about a website. Why a business needs a website, what do we mean by having a business website, what are the purposes of having a business website and what it should have to serve those purposes. This will help us in understand better the importance of a business website or simply a website. We will also understand and appreciate the benefits and advantages which a website brings.

What is a website?

A website is simply a live and accessible web page or a set of more than one web pages under a single domain name.

There are domain names which one buys in order to create their own websites. These domain names are like addresses on the Internet.

After this a web designer, developer or a website professional designs one or different web pages that would be published under that domain name and would be called as the website for that domain.

Once the set of web pages with that domain are hosted and become live on the Internet, it becomes a website.

Who all need (or have) a website?

Every business, company and every organization needs a website. Every company needs to have a business website in today’s online world to establish its presence.

Not only this, to reach its audience, every company needs a website. That is the utmost importance of a business website. And that is the strongest reason to have a business website and that is what brings all the advantages and benefits of a business website to every company.

There are many different types of websites on the Internet. These types of websites have different purposes and objectives. That is because they are created and operated by different types of organizations or individuals.

For example there are:

  • Company websites
  • E-commerce sites
  • News sites or portals
  • Community websites
  • Blog websites
  • Personal websites

All these websites have their own purposes. However, the purpose of websites can be narrowed down and we will look at it in a while.

In order to reach to the purpose we have to look at the types of owners.

There are basically two types of owners, an individual and an organization (or business).

So, we would here look at the importance of website for a business (or different organizations) and for an individual.

When we talk about the importance of website or its benefits and advantages, etc., we often talk about the importance of website in business or importance of a business website.

Purposes of websites: What makes a business website important & necessary

This is due to the purpose behind having a website. In that sense when we talk about the importance of a business website we are actually talking about the importance of having a website for business purpose.

We can categorize the reasons and purposes why we need websites into two main categories. One is business purpose and second is personal purpose.

As we said websites are needed and created by companies, different types of organizations and by individuals too. They all their own reasons and purposes behind why they need a website. However, more often than not, the purpose of having a website is business, rather than personal. Even many of the personal reasons are for business purposes, and are a part of business reason.

A business purpose is not limited to monetary which is to have earn profit.

The important purposes of having a website, for business or a company

  • Create your identity in the online world
  • Publish and share information
  • Do business activities
  • Specifically, do marketing or selling
  • Reach out to your audience
  • Serve or satisfy your audience
  • Connect and communicate with your audience
  • Build your presence among your audience
  • Build trust among your audience for your business and its products & services
  • Promote and popularise your business, its offering and your products & services

All these are business purposes, even when they may not bring revenues or profits, directly, indirectly or not at all. These also include personal purposes of having a website. These solely personal purposes may be limited to reaching to an audience and may also include creating your presence and identity.

This is why when we talk about business purposes of having a website we safely cover all the purposes. This is why we talk about the benefits and advantages of websites from business purpose angle. And this is why we talk about the importance of a business website which also means the importance of having a website for business or business oriented purposes.

However, when we talk in terms of designing and structure of a website, a business website is different from a personal website, and is different from a blog or a not for profit website, and is quite similar to yet can even be different from an E-Commerce website.

Looking at websites or from its angle, business is both a perspective or a way or looking and doing things, and types of activities done with some specific purposes.

That is why a website is so important & necessary for business and its success?

With the improvements and advancements in technology and the Internet the need, necessity and importance of website is in fact increasing.

The fundamental universal reason that makes websites important adn a necessity in today’s world is that it makes you access all the information available on the Internet. You access all information through websites and web pages only.

Websites bind the Internet into a large network of web pages with tons and tons of useful information.

So, this also highlights the other significant use and importance of having a website.

Your customers or audience or readers can access your business and all that you want to tell them though your website anytime they want and from anywhere. This is because your website is online and active 24/7 and 365 days a year.

The third most important reason which advancement in web designing and development and technology has brought is this. Now you can make your audience do so many things on your website.

You can ask your customers to know your products, ask questions, read product related information and make a purchase, and even ask it to be delivered on a particular address on your website.

Without seeing you face to face and having to visit your office, you can make your customers buy your products.

Importance of website in today’s world

What today’s world stands for? Today’s time is fast, driven by technology, pressed by time and the need to have quick solutions, is online and going forward to being fully online.

This highlights the importance of website in today’s world. Let us tell how and why.

How long it takes you to access internet? Few seconds.

How quick and easily can you access the net? Pretty easily with your smartphones & even with laptops with a net connection.

Which is easier when it comes to finding the best products or services? Going through the net or visiting many stores?

When in today’s world people are going online and want results and solutions fast they turn to online resources and searches.

What they find there? WEBSITES.

It is your website and millions of other websites that people search and look at daily to find what they want.

This is the reason why your website is important in today’s world.

The today’s world as we know it has changed quickly in 2020. We are fighting with a pandemic which has changed how we carry out our day to day (physical, outdoor and offline) activities.

We are staying and working from home. And yes, we are now online even more.

Importance of website in corona times

When we are in the middle of 2020 the current time and situation and today’s world means few things which we have not seen before.

The extended lockdowns all across the world. What these lockdowns mean staying at home, not going outside as we used to.

This has impacted businesses across the world in a huge way.

Importance of website in lockdown

There are two types of businesses which we can look at in today’s time and look at the impact of restrictions. There are businesses that are online and the ones which are totally offline or traditional.

The later ones have suffered the most. While e-commerce and online businesses, have also suffered yet, have continued on a very low level or scale.

What does that points out and means for you as a business?

One thing it straightaway points to is the importance of having a website.

Having a website therefore becomes very important in lockdown. When you or your business cannot reach your audience or customers the traditional way, your website can take your business to your audience.

But, this lockdown will eventually be over. As we are seeing that it is being eased out in phases around the world, and especially in India. In India there were phases of lockdowns. After this the economy and business activities are being opened up in phases too.

However, the pandemic or coronavirus is still here. And it will remain with us for a long time.

What will be the role of your website post lockdown?

Importance of website in covid (coronavirus) pandemic

Websites will still be very important for all businesses post lockdown and all during this coronavirus pandemic or scare.

In fact this pandemic in today’s time has amplified many folds the importance of having a website for business.

Post lockdown and as it is being eased out phase wise, the situation will be different and not as it was before corona. There will still be restrictions (although self-imposed). There will remain some fear of this disease until it is totally cured, there will be hesitation in to stepping out and getting close to people.

This will have an impact of how we do business and connect with people. Already, it has boosted online activities, while the traditional and physical activities and socialising is restricted.

Your website will then serve the best platform to reach out to and connect with your audience. When your customers cannot freely come to you or your office or shop they still can look at your products on a website, if you have one.


The importance of why a business should have a website has increased many folds in today’s time.

Hence, having a website is now all the more important for almost all types of businesses to at least stay relevant and in the eyes of your audience.

If you as a company or organization are looking for any chance of reviving your business and its activities then you must have a website first, if you still do not have one.

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