What Makes A Good "About Us" Web Page Design

What makes a good “about us” web page design

Talking about your company in your own website is obviously more than important; if users get to your website, they obviously want to know about you. But getting all extensive with the minor details and unrealistic promises is not exactly appealing for an online reader either.

5 Tips for creating good "About Us" Page:

  • Make it first about your
  • potential customers, then about yourself.
  • Put a clear mission statement
  • Company photos
  • Be honest about your story
  • Include your contact details

Make it first about your potential customers, then about yourself.

We all know online marketing these days is all about customer friendly and directed content. That’s why making your “our story” page start with including your audience will keep them reading beyond the first line. It’s a good idea to talk about how you relate to them and how you could help them solve their needs. Also, presenting the facts about your business is a good way to be direct and not boring.

Put a clear mission statement

Being clear about the solutions and problems you can solve and the general goal of your business gives a sense of professionalism and order. Also, it’s believable, just talking too much good stuff about yourself and claiming to be the solution for ALL THE PROBLEMS will simply raise suspicion from your audience. Tailored solution for specific niche market is the strategy!

Company photos

Add company photos that show your installations and crew, an image says more than 1,000 words and seeing the people they’re hiring generates a lot of trust in the audience. Videos, info-graphics and vectors are good too.

Be honest about your story

You and your audience are all real persons and struggled for some time to get where you are. People relate with stories of effort and hard work, make them know you’ve been growing from the very seed.

Include your contact details

Let’s be clear, the internet if filled with misleading advertising and scam issues so audience is always reluctant to put their money into online businesses. That’s why adding your contact details, including your physical address, phone, mailbox and, of course, social media contacts will generate a sense of reality and trust in your customers.
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Best web font pairing for design to standout!

Selecting the right web font pairing for your new website is one of the most important steps you must take when creating your new site. The style and facility to read will highly determine the user’s experience during their pass through your site and we all know how important this is.

The beginning of font pairing

Some years ago, having a good and original font pairing was nearly impossible or required deep knowledge since only “web safe fonts” were accepted. This meant that if you chose a font that wasn’t considered safe, it would not render correctly and your website would look as they did back in the 90’s. Also, each designer had to create and upload their original fonts hoping they’re functional, so options were limited to the designer or the overused selections available

The appearance of Google Fonts

This all changed when Google Fonts appeared, back in 2010. Now, you have a wide range of options that you can choose from and are easily accepted and rendered. With this new tool, your website can look really stylish and professional, besides being quite friendly for readers without all the effort and cost it took years ago. And some combinations have actually proven to be really successful when creating your new website

3 best web font pairing options to stand out:

Open Sans Condensed

Open Sans: this is the top winner combination of Google Fonts. Easy to read, elegant design, warm and familiar, this is the first combination choice for almost any business. If you don’t have an idea where to begin, this font is an excellent first choice. Later you can update according to your needs.


Open Sans: and so it appears once again but, Open Sans as it is the most readable and familiar option. But, with this combination that includes Oswald, you’re aiming to get the attention into headlines.


Merriweather: this is for those who want to be modern but still maintain a hint of classic style. Both simple and readable, they both can function perfectly as headline or text font, so the choice is absolutely yours.

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