Ecommerce Copywriting: Creating Content That Converts

Ecommerce Copywriting : Creating Content That Converts

How do you thrive in the ever-growing online selling space? For one, your store needs eCommerce copywriting that converts visitors to customers. This means your slogans, your product descriptions, your checkout page, and other written material must nudge people towards completing the buyer’s journey. By the end of their session, your online visitor should have clicked to subscribe for updates or to purchase your products.

To help bring about these ideal outcomes, eCommerce entrepreneurs enlist copywriters to provide material for their online stores. As a business owner, it helps for you to know how copywriters create effective copy that attracts customers. Here are nine factors you should know when writing engaging eCommerce copywriting.

Attracting Attention

First, the copy has to attract people’s attention by showing your store’s unique selling proposition. The USP is what you offer that makes you stand out from other sellers. You can determine this by asking yourself: what’s the most significant problem of potential customers right now that you can solve? By targeting the pain points of your target market, you can have a USP that justifies why buyers should choose your store over others.

Keeping Readers Interest

Once the copy has people’s attention, it should be able to keep them interested. This is crucial when you consider how short the attention span can be of online users, especially those on mobile.  To keep people interested, copywriters usually write material with strong verbs and attractive typography. It also helps to format the copy in a legible way, such as splitting them in phrases or sentences instead of a lengthy paragraph.

Credible Copy

Interesting copy wouldn’t be as effective without credibility. To make copy sound credible, it’s a good practise to use industry jargon, or the buzzwords used in the niche or market you serve. This way, the persona speaking through the copy sounds knowledgeable and trustworthy to readers.  Mentioning specific details such as dates, figures and numbers also help make copy credible. For B2B or business-to-business eCommerce stores, the need for credibility becomes more crucial since their target market will be other businesses.  This explains why B2B stores opt for a formal tone in their copy, compared to B2C or business-to-customer stores which can afford to sound casual. Regardless, both stores benefit from credible copy.

Social Proof

Once the copy has been crafted to sound credible, the business must prove the claims. This can be done by including testimonials from clients and customers. By showing your target market the trust that people place in your store, you prove that you are a business worth partnering with or purchasing from. Just make sure that the testimonials you use sound authentic and not pandering to your target market.

Product Benefits

To double down on the assurance you’ve provided to customers with your copy, you can then have the copy list the benefits of your product or service offered. For example, if you sell household products, list down how it can improve the quality of life for homemakers.  If you sell web design, mention how your service can help the business or projects of your client. By listing down specifics of what you offer, potential customers can identify a benefit that solves a specific problem they may have.

Element Of Urgency

Introduce an element of scarcity or urgency in the copy. Base this on the psychological principle that people see products in limited quantities as more valuable than readily available ones. 

Your copy can mention phrases like “available while stocks last!” or “buy now before items sell out!”. Putting this element of urgency becomes effective if you have already convinced your target customer of how trusted and beneficial your products are.

Clear Instructions

In eCommerce copywriting, clear instructions matter. The copy should tell your potential customers what to do to select or buy your product. It is where you either convert website visitors into customers or frustrate them due to unclear instructions. 

To avoid the latter, your copy must offer actionable steps like which button or link to click, what information to fill out, and more. If you offer discount codes or run a promotion, your copy needs to explain how to use these discounts.

Warning Of Missing Out

This is where the copy mentions what your target customer misses out on if they don’t proceed with the purchase. It can warn of inconvenient scenarios that the person might find themselves in, such as untidy spaces without your cleaning product or a bland-looking website without your web design services.


Finally, your copy ideally ends with a call-to-action that reinforces the element of urgency introduced earlier. Common CTAs urge visitors to add items to their cart or buy them. A CTA can also urge people to book a discovery call with the business or schedule meetings with them. If you read CTA tips, you’ll see that the ideal one guides website visitors to do desirable actions, such as reserve a call slot, subscribe to updates, or purchase items.

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