7 Key Benefits Of Using Woocommerce


Starting an eCommerce business is not easy. At times it can feel overwhelmingly difficult to navigate, complicated and pricey. However, technological developments continue to make the process easier and more user-friendly. Retailers are realising that the digital platform they choose plays in the success of their business. In this article, we will be discussing a few WooCommerce benefits.

What Is Woocommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source and customisable eCommerce platform targeted towards small to medium enterprises. It officially launched in 2011 and has been one of the easiest and cost-effective CMS platforms to start an online store. In addition, WooCommerce is built on WordPress, a popular and familiar platform already used by millions of websites across the globe. 

Benefits Of Using Woocommerce To Build Your Ecommerce Website

1. Free WordPress Plugin

As mentioned, WooCommerce is built on WordPress. Take full advantage of the content editing tools at your disposal for your blog and other web pages. Being able to easily manage both your eCommerce and WordPress on the same user-friendly CMS system is one of the many WooCommerce benefits.

Other platforms may have limited options with regards to the addition of content-rich subpages. Meanwhile, WooCommerce is great if you want to create a corporate website with eCommerce capabilities.

2. Full Control Of Your Data

Third-party eCommerce platforms will always run the risk of losing data associated with them when the platform closes. On occasion, it may also subject your website to their party’s terms resulting in significant difficulties when trying to access data. 

WooCommerce understands that data related to your customer purchases and order history is very important to you and your customers. Hence with WooCommerce, you get a backup platform if ever another third-party eCommerce platform/vendor/service provider is down.

3. Thousands Of Unique Store Designs Via WordPress Theme

After a customised website has gone ‘Live’, it is often difficult and expensive to make further design changes to it. But with WooCommerce, you can easily switch back and forth between themes to update your website appearance with a variety of paid or free unique themes. 

4. Features Available

WooCommerce can reliably support key features for your new online store. Do note that these features are pretty standard and will require plugins or customisation. 

Main features include:

  • Different location customization: language, measurement units and currency from listing a product to orders and its billing
  • built-in blog
  • easy product categories management
  • tags and attributes
  • rating of products and reviews 
  • product filtering and sorting 

5. Security

In WooCommerce, the development team works closely with some of the biggest security providers such as Sucuri.net to enable a more secure online experience. WooCommerce also makes updating the security of your online store simpleby implementing new website security features with just one ‘click’. With constant updates to your WooCommerce platform and plugins, this will also provide a more reliable and safer environment to conduct your online business. 

6. Makes Search Engine Optimization Easy

As WooCommerce is one of the most well-known platforms in the world, it is also highly adapted to SEO guidelines provided by Google. This also makes SEO optimization for your products and other content pages much simpler because of its intuitive interface. 

Both product details and other content information can be entered and stored easily. Additionally, there is also a third-party SEO plugin available to further optimise your web pages and blog articles on your online website.

7. Fast Loading Speed In Both The Backend And Frontend

To complete the list of WooCommerce benefits in this article, we talk about speed. Websites built on the WooCommerce platform are very fast to load as compared to other platforms. 

As its database and files are very lightweight, the websites load faster and also require fewer resources from the server. This makes WooCommerce a cost-effective eCommerce solution in terms of hosting a new online store website.

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